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Wasps are more than just a nuisance – in large numbers they can pose a serious health risk. It’s important to know what type of wasp you have, as well as why they are attracted to your property, in order to choose the most effective method of wasp control. Contact an experienced team and get effective, safe and fast results!

wasp nest removal

Wasp nest removal

Rid your property of flying, stinging invaders quickly and safely by removing their home. Wasp nests can contain tens of thousands of worker wasps, all with the potential to cause disruption, fear and pain to the rightful human occupants of a property.

Complete wasp control

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Don't risk injury - call in the experts

Never attempt to remove a wasp nest yourself! Wasp stings can be painful and multiple stings can cause serious harm or even death. Not to mention the risk of injury from falling while trying to remove a nest at height. Contact us for fast help.

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