High quality hardwood sticks

Cut into convenient, easy-to-use sticks these hardwood firewood logs burn cleanly, with less smoke and fewer sparks than inferior softwood. Since hardwood also burns hotter, you will need less to reach your desired temperature than cheaper wood. Enjoy a clear flame and an intense warmth from the highest quality firewood.

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Fully seasoned firewood

Stored in our barn until it has reached just the right point of seasoning, this firewood has been dried out slowly to ensure a steady and reliable burn.
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Ideal firewood for

– Wood burning stoves
– Log fireplaces
– Large BBQ pits
– Storing for future use
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Convenient amounts and delivery

You will love the convenience of our pre-cut logs, available in various amounts to offer you the highest quality at the best value. Contact us to ask about availability and delivery to your area.

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