Mole Control Essex

Effective solutions for Mole Control Essex and rabbit problems

Trying to get rid of moles and rabbits effectively has taken years of trial and error methods and even practical studies! Experienced pest controllers now utilise the most up to date and proven methods. Ray Wilks Pest Control is one of those experienced, professional companies.

Mole Pest Control Essex

Mole control

Ray Wilks Pest Control utilises effective and humane traps and, in a few cases, repellents. By far the most effective method of getting rid of moles is to catch them. Where mole traps cannot be used, toxic pellets are placed in the mole tunnels.
Rabbit Pest Control Essex

Restraining rabbits

Over the years, there have been many methods used to try to restrain rabbit populations: fencing, ferreting, snaring, hunting and trapping. Ray Wilks Pest Control will assess your particular circumstances and situation and agree with you the most beneficial method.

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