Effective rodent removal

Rodents can be a serious pest, carrying disease and causing damage to furnishings, fabrics and even wiring. They can also be extremely persistent once they have found their way into your sheltered, dry and warm space. Fortunately, our experienced rodent exterminators have plenty of solutions to rid your property of rats and mice.

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Experienced rodent exterminators

With over ten years of experience your home is in good hands with our professional and qualified team of rodent exterminators. You will enjoy a polite and friendly service from our staff and fast, effective rodent removal.
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Rodent control

– Removal of rodents and nests
– All types of rodent removal including
rats, mice and moles
– Deterrent systems available
– Quick call outs
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Fully guaranteed services

Not only will you get excellent rodent removal services, but also the peace of mind that all work is fully insured and covered by our guarantee. Contact us today to solve your rodent problems!

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